Vendor Terms & Conditions

  • Rent is a monthly fee due at the beginning of each month on the 1st. Rent invoices will be sent on the 15th date of the month prior. Rent is to be paid by EMT to 15 days notice to the 1st of the next month is to be given if you wish to remove your products from our store. Failure to make your rent payment within 7 days will result in your items being packed up and placed at the front counter for immediate pickup.
  • You reserve the right to price your own items and as the business owner you are responsible for providing us with an inventory list, product description, quantities and prices. 
  • A commission of 15% will be deducted from each of your items sold (before taxes). This is to help cover the operational expenses at Littles & Co., social media exposure, use of our POS system and website. You will be able to login and view your current payouts for the month at any time through PuppetVendor.  
  • Commissions earned each month will be paid out to you by the 5th day of the month following. 
  • Littles & Co. does charge tax in store and online. We will submit taxes for your items on your behalf if you are not registered with an HST number. If you do have an HST number, we will payout your HST to you based on the total commissions owed. Please be sure to send us your HST number if you have one.
  • We reserve the right to reorganize your items as needed. All spaces are shared and will do our best to give each vendor equal visibility.
  • Littles & Co. will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged goods. In the event of  a natural disaster, flood or fire, where damage is extensive, you are covered under our insurance, but may be  required to wait for payout based on insurance. Please note: we do have a security system with cameras throughout the store in the event that items are intentionally damaged or stolen.
  • Littles & Co. will have an all sales final policy on your items. If a customer has any issues with one of your products we will encourage them to reach out to you directly. We will do our best to help rectify the situation and help the best we can.
  • We encourage all small businesses, regardless of the items you create, sell, or the size of your business, to obtain liability business insurance. This is added protection for you and your business. We will require proof  of insurance for teethers, bath and body products, consumables and health care products. Those businesses that do not fall into those categories mentioned above and do not have  insurance may be asked to sign a waiver releasing Littles & Co. of all responsibility regarding the  consumer purchase and use of their products. We encourage all businesses to have labels on their items with warnings, supervision needed, ingredients, etc.