Become a Retail Vendor

Littles & Co. is opening up a section of their storefront in downtown Walkerton to retail vendors specializing in items for mamas, babies, and kiddos. 

Apply to be a vendor by visiting this link:

More About Littles & Co{llective}


  • Beginning on the 1st of the following month


10” x 30” Shelves

  • $25/month + taxes for one shelf

16” x 48” Shelves

  • $35/month + taxes for one shelf

42” Hanging Rack

  • $30/month + taxes for one rack

    Other Details:

    • Your items will be displayed in our store in a tasteful matter, displayed on our website with a profile of your business, and shared on our social media pages.
    • Rent is a monthly fee due at the beginning of each month on the 1st. Rent invoices will be sent on the 15th date of the month prior. Rent is to be paid by EMT. 15 days notice to the 1st of the next month is to be given if you wish to remove your products from our store. 
    • You reserve the right to price your own items and as the business owner you are responsible for providing us with an inventory list, product description, quantities and prices. 
    • A commission of 15% will be deducted from each of your items sold (before taxes). This is to help cover the operational expenses at Littles & Co., social media exposure, use of our POS system and website. You will be able to login and view your current payouts for the month at any time.  
    • Commissions earned each month will be paid out to you by the 5th day of the month following. 
    • We reserve the right to reorganize your items as needed. All spaces are shared and will do our best to give each vendor equal visibility.
    • A list of terms and conditions must be accepted and signed by you prior to starting your vendor term with us


    Apply to be a vendor by visiting this link: